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Great Personal Service

“Great personal service. Pat is very personable and kind. I left Mitton St. Shoppers drug mart a year ago and wish I'd done it sooner.”

-Bonnie SV


At Sarnia Pharmacy, we are considerate of our clients’ safety and privacy. Therefore, to help with our clients’ health and safety, we have invested in one of the best technologies in the market - SynMed®. This technology helps ensure that the prescriptions of our clients are done properly, as well as keeping the details of our clients safe.

SynMed® can provide the following benefits:

It’s efficient – This automated system is connected through an interface of the pharmacy management system and manages all the operations, from prescriptions to blister-card preparation.

It has speed – This technology automatically manages the selection, counting, and placement of medications, at the rate of 55 doses per minute.

It’s accurate and thus greatly increases safety.

This technology reduces the preparation time by 80% and thus reduces the production costs.

It has a high level of safety. This includes the patient’s photo and a picture of both sides of the tablet, which facilitates easy identification.

To learn more about this system, contact us.



SynMed® is connected via an interface to the pharmacy’s management system and manages all the operations, from prescription reception to blister-card preparation. By simultaneously analyzing prescriptions for multiple patients, SynMed® establishes its work plan according to the selected medications and their position in the machine and places them in the appropriate blisters.



SynMed® consists of groups of cards on production trays and seven units that select and place the medications in the blisters simultaneously.

SynMed® automatically manages the selection, counting, and placement of medications in the blisters at a continuous rate of 55 doses per minute.

Depending on the average number of medications per patient, up to 45 cards can be completed per hour by one operator.



SynMed® automates blister-card preparation and enables the pharmacy to greatly increase safety. By integrating scanning and reference points at several production and verification stages, SynMed® ensures simple and thorough control.

The medications are automatically selected, counted, and placed in the blisters, while the pharmacy’s management system sends the prescriptions to the robot electronically. The resulting reliability is clearly superior to that of the manual preparation method.

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