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Great Personal Service

“Great personal service. Pat is very personable and kind. I left Mitton St. Shoppers drug mart a year ago and wish I'd done it sooner.”

-Bonnie SV

Free Health Services

Sarnia Pharmacy doesn’t limit its services to just medicines and prescription refills. We care about our community and provide free health services in Sarnia. We have health clinics to provide care and advice regarding flu, diabetes, and foot care. Contact us today for detailed information.


Influenza, which is commonly confused with a common cold, has more serious effects on the body. So when you see the common symptoms of cold, you should always get yourself examined by a doctor. You can also come to our clinic for advice and medication regarding influenza or flu. Visit us for flu shots and vaccinations.


Diabetes is a condition of your body when the pancreas cannot produce an adequate amount of insulin or is unable to process the insulin. This will generally lead to an increase in the blood glucose level, which can be kept in check with proper medication, adequate diet, and exercise. For more information and advice on diabetes, visit our clinic today.


Preventive foot care is important, mostly for people who are diabetic. Having healthy feet can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We can help you with tips and educate you to take care of your feet in a better way.

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